Bangstry (BANG-stree), n. archaic. 1. masterful violence.

2. Bangstry visualizations are born of the tension between traditional artistic skills and the new, digital media. When a classically trained artist takes up the mouse, the fusion of digital and analog methods collide in dramatic but harmonious graphics.

3. Bangstry is the online portfolio of David Lance Twomey, a digital artist/designer in the Los Angeles area. Twomey has a design degree from UCLA and over a decade of experience in the field. Apart from his recent storyboard work for talents like Kiefer Southerland, Ben Stiller, and Alicia Keys, he is also acclaimed for his graphic novels and as the designer of the Juicer brand of classic, electric motorbikes.

If you are a prospective employer, please review samples from the toolbar above and contact him at (323) 533-1981 or via the email link below.