C L I N I C A L     S E R V I C E S

The Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology offers an opportunity for gifted students, basic and clinical scientists to fulfill a vision together in exploring the molecular and biological mechanisms that regulate cellular and organ functions, in identifying and understanding the molecular errors of disease, and in developing the pharmacological means to correct these errors. Remarkable scientific discoveries and astonishing technological innovations are occurring as biological, physical, engineering and clinical sciences come together to explore both the mechanisms by which cells are programmed from the genome to construct protein based cell circuits and the functions they perform, as well as the inter-cellular networks that form organ systems and the whole organism. This systems biology view of biological organization and function also contains the framework for the processes by which cells are re-programmed to gain and lose functions in the developmental processes of disease. This combination of new perspectives, new technologies and new scientific discoveries is having a tremendous impact on the way we think about and perform science today, and will have an even greater impact on biology and medicine in the future.